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What our clients are saying

"Gibson Electric Power Services installed patient tracking systems in both West Marion Community Hospital and Ocala Regional Medical Center.  My expectations were for them to deliver the project on time, but they exceeded those expectations by delivering it ahead of schedule and the ACHA inspection was returned with no deficiencies.  I would recommend them to anyone in the healthcare industry."

Ray Hopkins, Director of Facilities Management, Ocala Health Systems

Gibson Electric Power Services is a fully licensed electrical contractor with a combined sixty (60) years of professional installations.  Our team is committed to maintaining the lines of communication and continuously augmenting our technologies, procedures, and approach to better serve our clients.
Our team understands the distinct characteristics of critical power needs, design/build, value engineering services, and predictive maintenance.  Let us help you get started.

Proven Experience with Multi-Building Campus Models:  We are proud to say we have successfully completed many multi-building and campus projects.  Our recent experiences has fine tuned our processes to meet the needs of a multi-building campus model, allowing us to execute multiple projects of varying size, complexity, and at multiple locations.

Quality Service and Performance: Our quality service and performance is based on our high level of employee professionalism, qualifications, and experience. We are ideally located to provide you with the best quality of service during the preconstruction and post construction phases. Your Project Manager and Superintendent is well qualified and brings added value to every project.

Proven Experience with Phasing:  Phased construction is often utilized to renovate or expand existing facilities for the purpose of recapturing underutilized space or to capture the growth of a company.  Precise scheduling, precision timing, well-choreographed move plans are all factors in a successful project. Excellent supervision is essential.   We have successfully completed phased projects across all industries.

Proven Safety and Training Record: Proper training is a top priority within our company to ensure the safety of our clients and our employees. We are fully trained to work within heavily occupied and active areas, sterile environments, and areas occupied by children.

Client-Driven Commitment: Our business model delivers a high level of service no matter where our clients grow, which means our priority is placed your success no matter where you are geographically located.  Our 24/7 Client Emergency Response system is also vital to our client-driven commitment.